Live Sound Work-shop 10/12 – Lahore Pakistan

Live Sound Work-shop

This workshop will cover all the techniques of operating live sound and how to be an industry professional live sound engineer for this workshop you don’t require any previous expression in music

If you want to learn all the professional work to operate live sound this workshop is for you National music academy Pakistan is excited to teach and spread music education all over Pakistan.

Equipment’s use for live sound
5 key equipment you should have

  • Mixer
  • Types of mixers
  • Analog and digital
  • How many channels you preferred to have in your mixer according to your needs
  • Pa speakers
  • Dynamic and condenser Mics
  • XLR LRS cables
  • Monitors
  • Power conductor
  • Ear jacks

Accurate gain structure

  • Signal Flow
  • Gain before feedback
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3

TRS/XLR/RCA channel-insert cable

  • Difference between cables
  • Difference between channel inserts on cable

Return connection for effects

  • Side chain effects techniques

Microphone input gain control

  • How to control levels of each track?
  • Using gain knob to control feed back

In-ear monitor mixes

  • How to setup individual monitors out for every one
  • Do mixes for ear monitors

Unwanted mixer noise

  • Eliminating all hash and distortion

Live Mix Surround Sound

  • How to mix live sound for band for live concert and gigs?
  • Use of EQ and compression

Time of Workshop

400 Rs


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