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Why study Guitar at National Music Academy Pakistan?

We customise our lessons to your aspirations and teach you the skills you need to know to become better at your instrument. Music is more than simply learning a riff or chords. Learning the rules of music so you can apply them means you’ll learn faster and understand what you are playing.

Firstly, our philosophy is to offer tailored tuition that is inspiring and focussed on YOUR passions, goals and musical interests. We will meet you where you are right now and work towards the outcome you desire. We do not believe in a pre-formulated teaching program as every person is different, learns at a different pace, has different goals and responds differently to teaching styles. Music is such a source of enjoyment in people’s lives and we certainly work towards making your lesson just as enjoyable and inspiring.

We meet students everyday that have learnt a million songs but don’t know the fundamentals of how it all works. Imagine trying to learn a language but not knowing what a verb is? Sure, you may be able to communicate basic phrases but you’ll never really learn the language fluently.

Our lessons are inspiring, fun, have incredible content and our customised and focussed lessons assist students in progressing faster. We incorporate a balance of playing, reading, theory, technique and improvisation into our lessons.

At your first lesson we will complete a comprehensive overview to understand where you are currently at with your playing and tailor your weekly lessons to suit your goals.

Our experienced guitar teachers are here to teach all aspects of playing guitar from technique, reading, theory, performance and improvisation to playing various styles including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Pop, Eastern Classical, Eastern Contemporary ,Classical, Fingerstyle, Percussive Guitar and even Flamenco. If your goal is to work toward ABRSM and Trinity Exams we will happily add this into your lesson program.

In addition to weekly lessons, access to year-round practical workshops, industry masterclasses and performance opportunities, offer a truly comprehensive musical education. The ‘real world approach’ is extremely important to us, as our purpose is to equip you with all the tools and resources necessary for musical success. We also cater to advanced students wishing to master a particular genre of guitar, technical ability, create a performance repertoire or prepare for a variety of auditions.

Our teachers are real musicians. They have dedicated their lives to music education and perfecting their craft. They are performers, artists, composers, songwriters and teachers. They have been exactly where you are right now so understand the perspective of both student and teacher and know exactly what you need to know.

Our team of specialist teachers are no ordinary guitarists, they are trained, amazingly passionate about their art & all have experience as professional working musicians. Our teachers take a holistic, individualised approach to your lessons and are flexible with both content and stylistic aspects of their teaching.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that no matter what age,level or style you wish to learn, National Music Academy has the right teacher for you with access to a network of great guitarists to learn from.

If you would like to hear any of them play and meet them, contact us & we will arrange a time suitable to you.

NMA fosters a culture driven by passion, excellence and genuine care. How do you become great at anything? If you love it, work at it, surround yourself by experts that know it, love it, encourage and inspire you, then becoming great is the natural result! Where traditional music schools commonly offer formulaic, pre-set ‘song per term or lesson’ content in sometimes uninspiring environments, we proudly stick by our ethos to uniquely offer all of our students a holistic education and experience through individual tailored tuition, mentoring, access to workshops and industry masterclasses and gig opportunities all year round.

Immersion is key and by offering students access to the depth and variety of all we offer, the inspiration to learn and improve is natural. Our passion is infectious and our main aim is to equip, encourage and inspire you toward making your musical dream a reality.

We work together with the you to create an individual lesson plan which focuses on structuring lessons and mentoring (coaching) to help you realise your musical goals, however big or small they may be.

Catch a person a fish they are fed for a day, teach them to fish they are fed for life.

– Anonymous

This basic philosophy is the keystone within our approach to teaching music. National Music Academy goes past the songs and into the core elements of music, giving you the skills necessary to take your musical ambition as far as you want it to go.

We meet students everyday that have learnt a million songs but don’t know the fundamentals of how it all works. Imagine trying to learn a language but not knowing what a verb is? Sure, you may be able to communicate basic phrases but you’ll never really learn the language fluently.

With over 20 years of operation in Australia and a calendar of over 1000 students of all ages and levels, we believe our approach to tuition has given us the edge in achieving students goals with many of our students becoming professional working musicians or gaining employment in the industry, with some students pursuing their education even further gaining access to leading conservatories and colleges around the world.

These include;

  • Australian Institute of Music (AIM)
  • SAE Institute
  • Conservatory of Music in Florence
  • The Prestigious Berklee School of Music, USA
  • Boston Conservatory of Music


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