Shadric john: Music Producer | Audio Engineer | Guitarist

(Creative production Teacher – Professional Development Diploma)

Shadric John is a guitarist of 15 years, and a music producer & audio engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience in music industry. Being both a professional studio engineer and live sound engineer makes him very versatile, and he brings this experience and knowledge to his role as one of the Creative Production teachers for National Music Academy’s Professional Development Diploma.

Shadric was raised in Islamabad and it was here that he began playing guitar at the early age of 9. Beginning as a self-taught artist, John sought influence from some of the most well respected international music volumes, to add to his teaching – drawing also from the contributing influences from within his musically gifted family. When he was 15, John began performing in church, composed his first compositions, and started arranging music through leading his local church choir. Soon after, at the age of 16, Shadric decided to pursue his music studies further and moved into music production & technology.

In 2013 Shadric completed his studies from Berklee College of Music in fundamentals of Audio & Music Engineering, and was additionally certified by Berklee College of Music in the use of the digital audio workstation (DAW) software, Ableton Live. During his studies he developed his production skills and knowledge across various DAW’s, including Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Sonar X, and FL studio; giving him an intimate knowledge of many of the DAW’s internationally recognised as industry standards in production software.

Shadric’s professional working experience has involved sound engineering and production for All Radio Pakistan, recording for different established artists in Pakistan, working on numerous television and radio drama series, recording albums and composing songs for many independent artists, as well as working on live stage concert productions as a sound engineer.

Shadric’s experience in music education began in 2013 when he began working in Beaconhouse TNS as an Art Education teacher for the Middle Year Program & as an IGCSE Diploma teacher. Shadric is proud to lend his experience as both musician and teacher to his role as one of the Creative Production teachers at National Music Academy.

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